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Power Fusion 120

A more neutrally balanced racket still keeping the Power Fusion base characteristics with the Kevlar 149 Hybrid.

The Power Fusion 120 is the least offensive / power centered racket in the Power Fusion range. It keeps the base characteristics of the Kevlar 149 hybrid material but with a little more neutral specifications to give a more balanced blend of power and speed. The balance point of the Power Fusion 120 is still around the 300mm mark but with the shorter shaft than the other Power Fusion models and a more slim frame profile the swing speed of this model goes up at the cost of a little bit of power.

Item number B2004
Model Power Fusion 120
Weight 3U
Flex Medium
Balance 3
Length 670
Grip G2
Colour Black / red / gold
Material Kevlar 149 HMG Hybrid
Technology Power Fusion
Strung Tour 70N